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Campeonato Mundial Cafib 2019 - English

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campeonato mundial cafib

The CAFIB - The Fila Brasileiro Enhancement Club, in 2019, celebrating its 41 st anniversary of uninterrupted efforts to improve the breed's genetic resources, continues to grow, innovate and consolidate its important position in world cynophilia.

With great pride in the history and memory of our organization - and in order to inform the youngest, who did not participate in the struggle against disordered mix breeding, which took place in the 1970's, and was aggravated by the brazen falsification of "pedigrees" -, we from the CAFIB's Board of Directors, consider it useful to publish a brief retrospective of the evolution of our Exhibitions and Championships.

In 1982, we instituted the title of CREATOR OF THE YEAR to reward the kennel whose products reached the highest score in the CAFIB Exhibitions held throughout the year in Brazil. Always aiming at promoting the improvement of the Fila Brasileiro, we sought, therefore, to stimulate the participation of competitors in our shows and, of course, to value the kennels producers of the best specimens. In order to remember that first Brazilian CAFIB Championship, it is worth reproducing the text written by the journalist Luiz Antônio Maciel and published in No. 37 of the "O Fila" bulletin, of November 1982, under the title "The BEST BREEDER prize for the Fazenda Malota Kennel ":

Bernardete Soares de Oliveira, owner of the Fazenda Malota Kennel, from Jundiaí, SP, obtained the title of Brazilian Breeder of the Year of 1982 and received a trophy from the Master of Creation of CAFIB - Fila Brasileiro Enhancement Club, Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, at the close of the 6 th National Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro Breed, held at Parque da Previdência on November 21, which brought together 47 dogs...

...More than the individual awards in the exhibitions, this is the most important trophy instituted by CAFIB, because it aims at rewarding the breeder whose products obtained the highest points at exhibitions, which is equivalent to saying that the kennel gave rise to good products, the result of a selection work, through technically correct  mating...

...As a result of this work of selection and mating orientation - remarked Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz - CAFIB shows a marked improvement in the quality of the breeding stock, further distancing the threat of extinction of the breed, although this danger still persists due to the number of mixed-breed dogs that still appears in the analyses."

Four years later, in 1986, our Board created two new titles, destined to reward the BRAZILIAN MALE CHAMPION and the BRAZILIAN FEMALE CHAMPION of each season. In that first Championship, the male winner of the title was Umbu da Fazenda Carolina, bred by Ângela and Lineu Siqueira, from Bragança Paulista (SP), and owned by Marisa and Jorge Hino, owners of the Canama Hisama, from Guarulhos (SP); while the female was Ibituruna's Fairy, the breeding and ownership of Dr. Paulo Fernando Soares Angotti, of Governador Valadares (MG).

In 1989, the title of TEMPERAMENT OF THE YEAR was instituted and, later, of EXHIBITOR OF THE YEAR, MALE SIRE OF THE YEAR and FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE DOG OF THE YEAR. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed information on this process because the CAFIB Board of Directors no longer has access to the entity's historical data after the former director and former president of the Club, Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho, who was in the possession of our entire collection, in his property, in Amparo (SP), brazenly and dishonestly appropriated this patrimony, refusing to return it.

The Brazilian Championship of CAFIB, therefore, consists of seven different awards:


In the process of internationalization of CAFIB, we promoted several Phenotype and Temperament Analyses, almost always followed by Exhibitions, in the United States, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Italy. In 2016, we conducted our 1st Analysis on Uruguayan lands with the participation of 49 Filas, and the following year, after the 2 nd Analysis, also in Canelones, a few kilometers from Montevideo, we had the 1st CAFIB Fila Brasileiro Exhibition in Uruguay. Also in 2017, the department of Gualeguaychú, in the province of Entre Rios, hosted the 1st CAFIB Phenotype and Temperament Analysis in Argentina. And from that year, breeders, exhibitors and dogs from Uruguay and Argentina, participants in these events, also began to count on points and to be included in the
Brazilian Championship of CAFIB.

In 2018, CAFIB's Board of Directors decided that - due to the growing presence of Uruguayan and Argentine competitors in our events - until then, the CAFIB Brazilian Championship was transformed into the South American Championship of CAFIB. And it also included the awards and titles to the VICE-CHAMPIONS of each category.

And now, in 2019, with the holding of the 16 th CAFIB Fila Brasileiro Exhibition in Spain, scheduled for November 2 - to be judged by the member of our panel of judges, the breeder Jaime Pérez Marhuenda, owner of the Acaboclado Kennel , in the Spanish city of Alicante, and with the participation of competitors from other European countries as well - the former CAFIB Brazilian Championship, then the CAFIB South American Championship, is now called the CAFIB World Championship - a well-deserved recognition for the 41 consecutive years of hard work in the improvement of the Fila Brasileiro dog.