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Circular Expo Uruguai 2018 - English

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3rd Phenotype and Temperament Analysis of CAFIB in Uruguay

2nd Exhibition of Fila Brasileiro of CAFIB in Uruguay

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We, from CAFIB - Enhancement Club of the Fila Brasileiro -, in 2018, when we celebrate our 40th anniversary, continue, as always in high style, our international expansion. We had made the debut of our activities in the República Oriental del Uruguay in 2016, when, on November 19, we performed the 1st Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament in Departamiento de Canelones, near Montevideo. The event, in the beautiful country estate called “La Chacra Lacrosse”, was very properly organized by Uruguayan Daniel Balsas, from Piedras de Afilar Kennel, in partnership with Brazilian Carlos Eduardo “Pipico” Gonçalves, “gaucho” of Pinheiro Machado and owner of Borghetto Kennel, and relied on the attendance of 49 dogs, breaking a record for the analyses held outside Brazil.

expo uruguai

The following year, on November 25, on the same site, and also under the organization of Daniel and “Pipico”, we held the 2nd Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament, followed by the 1st Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro of CAFIB in Uruguay, which was an even greater success. More than 21 Filas were analyzed, all of which approved and, for the judgment, there attended 43 specimens on track, registered in all ten classes judged, setting a new record for exhibitions held outside Brazil.

A curiosity is that the residents of this Departamiento de Canelones, and of its capital, the city also called Canelones, are called "canários” (canaries) because they descend from immigrants from the Canary Islands. This region, very rich in vineyards and centennial wineries, concentrates most part (around 60%) of Uruguay's wine production, where these farms count on the largest and main producer of the country: Establecimiento Juanicó. This former property was originally dedicated to cattle-raising, but in the mid-nineteenth century it began to grow grapes. There, along with more than 30 labels, the famous Don Pascual wine brand is produced, named in honor to Don Pascual Harriague, who introduced the Tannat grapes in Uruguayan lands. This winery was declared “National Historic Heritage” due to its old and very well kept facilities, intact to this date. Like other similar facilities in that country, the property is also turned to enotourism and the visitors, in addition to covering the vast grapevines, can participate of the harvest and, even, of the folkloric foot grape treading, besides following the preparation of the wines and savoring the wines at the historic cave. The Uruguayans - whose per capita consumption is 33 liters – foster, with talent and creativity, wine tourism and many properties offer guided tours to vineyards aboard tractors, bicycles and even in balloon rides. Because of the specific features of the Atlantic climate and the maritime influence, Uruguay’s terroir is compared to the French region of Bordeaux.

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Returning to CAFIB, now, in 2018, on November 3, Daniel and “Pipico” once again surpassed their records, with 64 registered Filas and 53 Filas on the track. This great international event was attended by breeders, exhibitors and admirers of the breed who came from three countries: Brazil, from the São Paulo municipalities of Guaratinguetá and São Paulo, and the gaúchos Pinheiro Machado and Porto Alegre; Argentina, represented by the city of Concepción del Uruguay; and the Uruguayan hosts, in addition to Canelones, there also came visitors from Ciudad de la Costa, El Pinar, Las Piedras, Litoral del Sauce, Montevideo, Salinas, San Jose and Trinidad.

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This 2nd Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro of CAFIB in Uruguay was preceded by the 3rd Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament that we promoted in that country. Twenty-four dogs were analyzed and, as had already happened last year, the surprising approval rate was once again 100%, once again attesting to the high level and homogeneity of the Uruguayan stock. It is worth emphasizing that, although we always expect a large number of specimens on the track, we naturally value quality over quantity.

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Acting as judges were Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono (Guaratinguetá, SP), who judged the males, and Mariana Campbell (São Paulo, SP), in charge of judging the females. Mariana also accumulated the functions of Secretary and Veterinarian responsible for the event. Fabiano Aguiar Gonçalves, from Querencia Velha Kennel (Porto Alegre, RS), assisted in the secretarial work, while the always active Argentine breeder Zenón Gustavo Cousillas was in charge of photographing the registered dogs. Victor acted as an onlooker in the temperament tests. For the contest of the Best Head of the Exhibition trophy, 13 specimens were chosen; for the choice of the Best Temperament in the Exhibition, six dogs attended; and, for the election of the Best Brindle, ten dogs attended.

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The main results were:

BEST MALE: Neon Piedras de Afilar, owned by Daniel Ferries (Canelones - Uruguay)

BEST FEMALE: Nega Piedras de Afilar, owned by Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (Pinheiro Machado - Brazil)

BEST TEMPERAMENT: Ela do Borghetto, owned by Pablo Brando (Canelones - Uruguay)

BEST HEAD:Orixá Piedras de Afilar, owned by Fernando Rodrigues Jacovazzo (Canelones - Uruguay)

BEST BRINDLE (less than 1 year of age): Lua do Borghetto, owned by Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (Pinheiro Machado - Brazil)

BEST BRINDLE (over 1 year of age): Gorda do Borghetto, owned by Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (Pinheiro Machado - Brazil)

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The full results of the Second Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro of CAFIB in Uruguay can be seen on the website:, or www.cafib. As usual, this event in Canelones closes the CAFIB International Calendar for 2018; and the closing of our 40th anniversary is the traditional National Exhibition of Guaratinguetá, on December 2.

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